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d to name her. The red p▓anda is an endangered species that lives in China▓, Bhutan, Nepal, India, and Burma. It has a striped tail like a raccoon and is only distantly relate▓d to the much larger giant panda. International Cat ChampionshipsThe Dalian Fashion Week encompasses a fashion expo, fashion shows of celebrated designers from ▓home and

ing bamboo and fruit. Th

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abroad, and a competition for you▓ng designers worldwide. The expo has attracted 600 companies from 16 countries and regions including the US, France and Italy.Related Video:Thomas Friedman: China needs to bring in &quo

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t;the green cat"BOAO, Hainan Pro▓vince, April 20 (Xinhua) -- China needs to bring in the "th▓e green cat" if the country wants to mee▓t the target of sustainable development, accor▓ding to Thomas Friedman, foreign affairs columnist of the New York

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Times and author of "The World is Flat". For t▓he Chinese, going green is not just a problem, but an opportunity, and pollution represents waste and ine▓fficiency, Friedman writes in an article in ▓the official publication of the Boao Forum for A▓sia (B

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FA) 2007 annual conference. He quoted Chinese media r▓eports as saying that at least 24 million acres (9.7 million hectares) of cultivated land in C▓hina -- one-tenth of the country's total arable land ▓-- is now polluted, posing a "grave threat" to▓ Chi

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na's food safety. More than half of its rivers are also polluted. Friedman discussed a popular Chinese saying in his artic

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le: "Black cat, white cat, all that matter is that it catches mice" --


et about the ideology, all that matter is that China grows. "Now the cat b


be green, otherwise it is going to die before it catches the mouse,"▓ writes Friedman, quoting Dan Rosen, an


on China's ▓economy. Friedman believed it's a huge project to move China's economy to a su

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